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Software Developer: New Mobility Systems

Software Developer: New Mobility Systems

Software Development
Posted 8 months ago

Job Requirements:
General Requirements:
–       Understanding Complex Systems
–       Thinking out of the box
–       Team player (accepting that sometimes others need your helping hand, and you like to help and also that you can ask for help)
–       Interested to be challenged with new ideas, concepts
–       Basic knowledge about open source licensing
–       Knowledge in sensors as radar, lidar etc.*
–       Able to design Software Architectures*
–       Knowledge in EE Vehicle System Architecture*

Embedded Systems (ECUs):
–       Languages: C/Assembler
–       Platform: ARM/PowerPC
–       OS: Bare bone , AUTOSAR*
–       Interfaces: CAN/LIN/Ethernet/Flexray
–       MISRA
–       Good knowledge of how HW works in general
–       PLC Programming (IEC 61131, FBD,SFC,ST)*/logiCad*
–       Realtime Operating Systems*
–       ISO 26262 SW /HW Concepts*
–       AUTOSAR*

PC-Software Development (Onboard PC etc.)
–       Languages: C/C++*/Java
–       OS: Windows / Linux
–       Interfaces: CAN/Ethernet/WIFI/BT
–       Good understanding how to implement IOT services using MQTT, protobuf etc.*

(*)Requirements are nice to have

Job Description:
Implementing/Design SW for ECUs in the field of autonomous vehicles. Focus is here on implementation of predesigned patterns, described in a visual and or textual format. If possible also to support the design phase, this includes writing/reviewing of specifications/design descriptions for SW modules. Supporting the creation of work products related to functional safety, as parts of the (technical) safety concept etc.
Implementing/Design Software for Onboard PCs realizing ITS Applications, Monitoring the system in the pilot phase, data logging etc. For this task a good understanding of IOT technologies as MQTT/protobuf etc. is helpful.

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