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Our Products

HFM Motionboard®


Motionboard® is the fastest way for you develop an electric vehicle. It serves as a development framework to enable various applications such as People Mover, Cargo Mover and much more.

HFM Busbee


Based on the HFM Motionboard®, Busbee is the ultimate electric and autonomous answer to urban mobility and clogged cities. With its 9 Passenger capacity, it allows for convenient transportation in cities and campus areas.

Autonomous Vehicle System

HFM offers an all-in-one solution for integration of autonomous functionality on any vehicle. The hardware system encompasses obstacle and localization sensors, a street-legal drive-by-wire system, the necessary control units as well as project-specific service or sensor units. All units are delivered with a tailored software allowing a safe, reliable and comfortable functionality.

Development Toolchain

Driven by the will to excellence in safety and efficiency HFM developed a toolchain based on a SystemWeaver® that accelerates system design and software development, code generation and unit testing according to ISO26262 for full traceability from the definition of functional items down to the relevant lines of code.  HFM offers tools for fast, assisted HARAs, function-based Code Development and  integrated SIL testing  as well as general consulting services for System Weaver.​