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100% Electric

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Mobility’s future is ready today.

Based on HFM’s Motionboard® modular platform, Busbee is an electric, 8+1 carrying Peoplemover road-legal today. It features comfortable seating for 8 people and 1 safety driver while remaining compact enough for cities. Busbee is homologated as a M1 vehicle allowing it to take part in road traffic. With its sensor suite of 9 highly precise LiDAR sensors and data fusion, it detects its environment with an accuracy of up to 10cm. This allows for fully autonomous operation in various environments such as cities, campuses and suburban areas.


Are you ready to take mobility to the next level?

Busbee is at your service.

Developed to be Road Legal and Safe

With LiDAR environmental perception and redundancy in both steering and braking, HFM Busbee is the trusted autonomous mobility platform. As with all of HFM’s products, Busbee was developed in close cooperation with the german TÜV authority to ensure safety.

Goes where others don't

An unrestricted TÜV registration for autonomous vehicles in Germany requires various things:

For example a vehicle basis being developed to match TÜV requirements, which include redundancy for safety in steering and braking systems like in HFM Motionboard®.

Furthermore an interior to match the requirements of autonomous mobility is required. All of these components and more is necessary for an unrestricted operation license. With these already taken into consideration in development, Busbee is able to go where others can’t.

Tailored for you

You are looking for a people mover to include your specific Lidar, Radar or Camera hardware? Busbee is a great platform to include both hardware components as well as autonomous driving software algorithms.

Let’s talk about your project.

    We got you covered: Various Financing Options

    Busbee’s flexibility isn’t only limited to its applications. With various financing options, HFM gives you the flexibility you need to realize your project. We offer purchase as well as rental or leasing options. Talk to us today.