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A revolutionary, modular vehicle platform for

People Movers.Cargo Movers.Testing Platforms.Automation Projects.

100% Electric


Compact Design

Sensing Options



Supercharge your EV vehicle development with HFM Motionboard®.

With years of development, HFM Motionboard® is the fastest way to bring your electric vehicle ideas to life. Developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and applicable vehicle standards, HFM Motionboard® is road-legal today with various layers of redundancy in steering and braking systems. This enables you to create impactful applications without the overhead.


Are you ready to develop tomorrow’s mobility?

Take a look at a selection of possible applications:

Busbee People Mover

To proof the versatility of the Motionboard® platform, HFM geared up with partners  to create the ultimate answer to the challenges posed by increased traffic and mobility needs: Busbee.

Homologated under the M1 vehicle class, Busbee can comfortably accomodate 9 people including the safety steward. Together with the Motionboard®’s kneeling function, the wheelchair ramp guarantees barrier free access.

Find out more about Busbee

Advertising Vehicle

Ever asked yourself why advertising vehicles look boring? The answer is easy: Because they are based upon standard vehicle designs and therefore limited in options to create unique designs that captivates the audience.

With Motionboard®, things are different: With only the wheelbase as a constant value, possibilities are limitless:

Whether you are looking to create a rolling Bar in a Beer Crate style or a vehicle in a Sneaker Style – The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Cargo Mover

The versatility of Motionboard® is also visible when evaluation cargo mover concepts: With. a low center point of gravity and the ability to have various sensors integrated, Motionboard® is the ideal platform to develop cargo mover concepts on.

The EV platform also enables cargo movers built on the Motionboard® platform to operate indoors and in areas where gasoline-powered vehicles are prohibited.

Let’s talk facts.

HFM Motionboard® A revolutionary, modular vehicle platform.

  • Dimensions(W/L) 1825mm x 4949mm
  • Velocity 25km/h (optional: 49 km/h)
  • Suspension Air Suspension (Front/Rear)
  • Range 150km
  • Braking System Disk Brakes (Front/Rear)
  • Safety Braking System Electromechanical Brake
  • Optional Sensors Radar, Cameras, Ultrasonic

Let’s talk about your project.

    financing options available

    We got you covered: Various Financing Options

    Motionboard®’s flexibility isn’t only limited to its applications. With various financing options, HFM gives you the flexibility you need to realize your project. We offer purchase as well as rental or leasing options. Talk to us today.