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Tropos Custom Vehicles

Economic electric vehicles for

Delivery BusinessesMunicipalitiesyour individual DemandDesinfection Businesses

Tropos Able in regular configuration in white

100% Electric





Very compact

White Tropos Vehicle in Pick-up Configuration

Built to work. Made in Germany.

Being ultracompact, tough and electric makes the Tropos Able vehicle versatile and applicable for various applications. It doesn’t matter wether it is work in municipalities or last-mile delivery, wether it is agriculture, Hotels or Parks – Tropos Able is on your side.

Its powerful electric engine with up to 24kW power delivers the power you need throughout a working day. With up to 700kg of payload and 300kg of towable weight, the Tropos Able will support your business anytime.

Enduring and Electric.

The Tropos Able ST vehicle has been designed from ground up to be electric. It therefore carries various measures to make the most of the energy stored in the batteries. 8,64 kWh battery storage allows for a range of 80km+ with 0g Co2 / km. Due to its extraordinary efficiency, the Tropos Able received A+ rating in efficiency.

In addition, the Able XT1/XT2 are also available offering a range of up to 260 km and 26kWh battery storage capacity.

Tropos Able in Regular Configuration
Tropos Able in HFM Desinfection Configuration

An extraordinary Vehicle for Customization.

We at HFM have combined decades of experience in developing vehicles both from the ground up as well as refining existing ones. For us, Tropos Able is a great platform to create your specified vehicle upon. Whether you are looking for a desinfection vehicle or a mobile advertising display based on the newest LED Technology, we got you covered.

Let’s talk facts.

Tropos Able ST

  • AGM Gel Lead Acid (8,64 kWh) Battery
  • 80 km Range
  • 40 km/h Speed
  • 10 kW Engine Power
  • 16 kW Max. Engine Power
  • 1.581 kg Total Weight
  • 580 kg Max. Payload

  • Lithium-Ion (26 kWh) Battery
  • 260 km Range
  • 61 km/h Speed
  • 10 kW Engine Power
  • 24 kW Max. Engine Power
  • 1.581 kg Total Weight
  • bis 580 kg Max. Payload